Business Start Ups

Business Start Ups

At MSD we understand that starting a business can be a very challenging and daunting experience, particularly in the uncertain times we live in today. We aim to put you on the right track from the very start, ensuring all ground is covered to back up your new business. There is a wide range of information and advice that you will need to turn the dream of starting your new business into a reality. We offer a comprehensive range of services to fully meet the needs of our clients:

Identify legal structure – Sole Trader, Partnership, Ltd company
There are a lot of factors to consider when you are starting your own business, such as when deciding which one suits you best. You will need to consider factors like taxes, ease of transferability, limitations of personal liability and admission of new owners and expectations of investors. Our advisers will help guide you through the legal structure and the best fit option.

Registration process – CRO and taxation
Registering with the Companies Registration Office and the Revenue Commissioners is a vital part of the process when starting your own business. We can act as your agent ensuring all the correct forms and channels have been completed and followed correctly.

Raising finance
Not all Banks give financial backing to start-up businesses or ventures as there is too great a risk and lack of repayment capacity. Start up finance normally comes in the form of equity, which is “at risk capital”. Speak to one of our advisers to find out your options.

Business plans
It ‘s essential to have a business plan to show where you want to go and which route you want to take to get there. It is also essential that you understand these plans and the assumptions behind the numbers. Our business advisers are ready to guide you on this road.

Cash flow forecasts
A key part of planning the future of your company, it will help avoid any crisis of liquidity. A cash flow forecast will help you make sure your business does not run out of cash, so you can keep your dream alive.
Other services we offer:

  • Grant applications
  • Setting up internal controls

For any other queries or for further information on these services you can contact our office here.

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