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Company Secretarial Services

Company law imposes a wide range of duties on every company. Failure to comply could leave you exposed to heavy financial penalties and result in legal prosecutions for company directors by the Companies Registration Office. We at MSD provide a comprehensive company secretarial service to ensure your duties are carried out in accordance with company law. We can offer a wide range of services from individual clients to large companies. We provide the full range of company secretarial compliance such as:

Company formations
We provide a complete, fast and efficient service. We will arrange the formation of the appropriate company type, whether private, single member, unlimited or guarantee or other. We can also offer the assistance of our tax advisors who can review any specific requirements and recommend an efficient tax structure.

Maintaining statutory records
We can carry out a company compliance review of your company books, the register of your company and statutory records. We will then advise you of any action that may need addressing, bring your records up-to-date or take the necessary action to improve it. This will help you avoid any unwanted attention on your business.

Provision of Registered Office
All Irish companies must have a registered office within the state. This is so documents and mail can be delivered by hand, for example, CRO or Revenue Commissioners formal legal documents or notices. It has to be a physical location and not a PO box address. We offer our clients the provision of a registered office. You can be guaranteed that all your posts will be dealt with in a professional, confidential and timely manner.

Preparing CRO annual returns and other statutory forms
We can assist you with your annual compliance requirements including keeping the Company’s Registration Office up-to-date with any changes within the company structure. There are strict deadlines in place regarding the filing of annual returns with the CRO for companies. We can ensure you do not miss these deadlines and incur any penalties.
Other services we offer include:

  • Company searches
  • Preparing notices of meetings, AGMs and EGMs
  • Registering business names

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