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Worried about the continual shift in compliance, audit and regulatory requirements? Struggling to keep pace with the increasingly strict statutory framework? It’s a challenging and high-pressure task trying to keep pace, but you could be putting your company at risk if you don’t.

shift in compliance, audit and regulatory requirements

Every business is required to satisfy certain legal and taxation requirements as specified by different governmental or financial institutions. At MSD, we’ll take the time to fully understand what these are for your specific business and will make sure you’re supported with the right set of services to keep you compliant, no matter what your organisation type or size.

Our audits are planned in conjunction with our clients to ensure that our team has a thorough understanding of your needs prior to commencement and that you are fully prepared for the audit process. This preparation also helps us to ensure the timely delivery of the relevant information and data needed to keep your company in line with legal and taxation requirements.

We seek to minimise disruption and use all our expertise and knowledge to provide you with high quality, efficient and cost-effective service. We continuously review our audit approach and the procedures we perform, ensuring that they are the most efficient for your company while maintaining high standards of quality.


• To be familiar with every client’s business and needs.
• Provide an assessment of business risk and internal controls.
• Perform the statutory audit in a timely and cost-effective manner.
• Ensure you are compliant with the latest financial reporting standards.
• Guidance and assistance in managing audits.
• Accurate, robust and thorough reporting of information.


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