We understand that reducing tax obligations is a primary concern for our clients, whether they’re sole traders or multi-company groups with 10 figure turnovers. We provide a wide range of cost-effective and timely services to achieve this aim on an organisational and personal level.

reducing tax obligations is a primary concern for our clients

At MSD, we provide expert tax compliance and planning services for individuals and businesses. Our aim is to minimise your liability by utilising tax reliefs and shelters, while ensuring you are fully compliant with Revenue law.



Personal Tax

We advise sole traders, partnerships or individuals on personal tax matters. We can help you plan for and take advantage of opportunities that will help you minimise your tax exposure. We can offer you practical advice and help in areas such as PRSA or pension planning, estate and succession planning and much more.

Corporate Tax

Corporation tax can be a complex matter, so your company needs expert advice to ensure it gets the best possible result whilst staying compliant. We consult with companies on domestic and international legislation and find effective solutions to corporation tax challenges. In the case of disputes, we can advise on timing or liabilities and correspond with the Revenue Commissioners on your behalf.

VAT and Stamp Duty

We assist with all VAT related matters, including returns, exposures, savings, recovery, property transaction and much more. All our VAT advisors have extensive experience and ensure that you gain from any reliefs that alleviate the impact of VAT.

Capital Gains Tax

This is a tax that is levied on profits from the sale of property or an investment. You could qualify for relief on this tax (also known as the property purchase incentive). One of our advisors can assist you with any of your queries.

Revenue Audits & Investigations

We can offer you help in areas such as pre-audit checks, liaising on your behalf during audits with the Revenue Commissioners and help with settlement negotiations.


Other services we offer include:

• Capital Acquisitions Tax
• Payroll Taxes
• Tax Planning
• Services for the Artistic & Entertainment Industry


For any queries or for further information on these services, please feel free to contact our office.

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